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What is your typical lead time for shop drawings?

Typical lead time is 1-2 weeks, but for a small project it would be just a few days, and a large project might take up to 3 weeks.

How many years have you been in business?

Almost 7 years

What is your educational background?

I completed degrees in architecture, construction management, and business administration. Each member of the drafting team either holds a degree in architecture or drafting and design.

What is your work experience?

Aside from operating this business and providing shop drawings for 7 years. Previous work experience was project management, drafting, and estimating at a composite metal panel fabrication and installation company (MCS). Also worked for a glazing contractor as a project manager, and draftsman (EFC)

Do you offer engineering analysis and stamped engineering calculations?

Yes we do, there is an engineering firm that we work with and they are licensed in a total of 42 states. I like to think of our service as a one stop shop, we provide shop drawings, and if the project needs engineering we can handle all the engineering detailing, and shop drawing updates per the engineering redlines and fastener schedule. Then once the shop drawings are completed, the engineering team will then release the stamped calculations packet. It tends to be cheaper if we handle both shop drawings and engineering analysis.

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